Journey to becoming an Archivist/Preservationist


This blog is mainly a way to organize my experiences as I have gone through my journey to becoming an Archivist/Preservationist. This internship was completed in 2011.

May 17- Cut and resized maps. Mended legends onto maps. Attended lunch lecture about 9/11 and history of Columbia Fire Department.

May 18- Refilled and organized by date and case number legislate and senate bill files. Weeded out duplicates and took shoestrings, rubberbands, staples, clips and paperclips. Dated file tabs.

May 24- Organized and filled confederate money 15-25 cents. Discarded money that was unsellable.

May 25- Organized and filled confederate money 50 cents. Discarded money that was unsellable.

May 26- Weeded out and took staples, shoestrings and other metal objects as well as duplicates for current house and senate files. 1908 files. Brushing off surface dirt and removing shoestring and pins.

May 30- 1908 files same as May 18 and May 26.

June 1- Went over auction numbers and verified bids. 1908 files.

June 2- Organized lot numbers currency’s to highest bidders at auction and placed in envelopes with bidders names. 1908 files.

June 8- Humidified papers and laid them out to flatten. Cleaned 1908 files.

June 9- Filled and tabbed 1908 files. Cleaned and sorted 1909 files.

June 10- Sorted and organized civil war files, labeled piles, foldered files.

June 14- Cleaned and sorted 1909 files. Graded $2 confederate currency for auction.

June 15- Graded $2 confederate currency for auction.

June 16- Cleaned and sorted 1909 files. Posted signs on stack doors.

June 21 Sorted and organized 1987-86 voting records. Pulled ’86 from stacks and county books. Searched province county’s for miscellaneous records.

June 28- Cleaned and organized 1909 and 1910.

June 29- Poll lists for 1986 sorted by country.

June 30- Mending oversized files

July 5- Mending oversized files.

July 6- 1986 poll list sorted and filled by county-date , election type and alphabetical.

July 7- Organized miscellaneous photos from department of transportation  Started weeding duplicates of photos and negatives.

July 12- Weeding through photos, private movie presentation (about Akain area) screening and critiquing.

July 13- Weeding photos.

July 14- Indexed and created a finding list for oversized equity bills. Created and indexes finding list for Governor correspondance. Searched stacks (2) for Governor boxes and searched stacks (1) for equity bills to be put back. Reversed rolled maps to flatten.

July 19- Governor letters and 1984 poll lists.

July 20- 1984 poll lists.

July 21- 1984 poll lists.


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