Journey to becoming an Archivist/Preservationist

Today and Backtracking

Luckily today it was only freezing outside (for the South anyway) and not pouring rain like the day before. Today was a pretty basic day at work. For simplicity I will keep with the same standard as before.

2/27- Building check, typing, checking reference desk, filing, OCLC tutorial (2), shelving, shelf list cards.

I did my building check for the day and did the exterior, which I hadn’t done the day before due to the rain.  I did some typing and check after being back inside the building. At the desk I filed some of the paper work and took 2 OCLC tutorials on cataloguing not something I want to do as a career but I think it is a good skill to have at least. I know how to edit the catalogue, but I don’t actually do any of the cataloguing itself. Afterwords I shelved books from a cart from the day before, new books that I had taken care of earlier and some re-shelves we had from the hold room. I work in a rare books library so are books do not leave our building or get checked out by our users. While working on this one of the managers and a volunteer student came down and helped me shelve. Are volunteers are very interesting people they come from all walks of life are different ages and some have amazing experience and other have none at all until we teach them. Some of our student volunteers are not pursing careers in the field which I always find interesting as to why they decided to come volunteer and why our library. After shelving we went upstairs and completed filing the shelf list cards.

The next few post are going to be backtracking post and include previous work experiences.


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