Journey to becoming an Archivist/Preservationist

Past few Days

While I am not backtracking in this new post I am going to summarize the past few days I left off fri. which was a really interesting day. I first started doing my building check, and then at the desk where I did a OCLC tutorial and filed, I typed some books, and did some flags, shelved the bookseller catalogues and some other materials, I then got called up for a project and it turns out that in light of the new Great Gatsby movie the New York Times wanted photos of the cover of our collection and if selected will come and do an expose on the Great Gatsby books and other Fitzgerald collections that we have.  We have a large collection and multiple language copies. I was in charge of selecting the books that we would use for the shoot the final selection being done by our director, but it was nice to be picked to get what I thought. Makes me feel that my opinion is valued. Moving on to this week we have had a busy two days Monday we had the beginning of our Medieval Manuscript collection and we had an out of town expert in giving a lecture on the manuscrits. I was unable to take part in the events but I did see a lot of the materials being used. I sat at the desk and directed people. All which was done after my building check. I then did some typing, shelving, and pulling flags. I noticed some books in the stacks not being housed properly and wrote them down to report. Today I gave over that information and explained about it. I did my building check and sat at the desk, this was day two of the symposium so most people knew what to do this time around, I also had a taks of looking in the catalogue for materials that we either have or one of our other college libraries have and what we need to purchase from a list. Afterwards I typed some tags, checked some books, and brought down a cart ready to shelve. I then had to go over to the maps and take them out of there packing materials because they were not conducive to where we were shelving them. Tomorrow we will be dealing with some of the New York Times stuff which I will hopefully get to be part of again.


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