Journey to becoming an Archivist/Preservationist

Last few weeks

Been at bit busy and haven’t had time to blog lately.  Last week was spring brak but I was still at work. Wed. Thur, and Friday of the week prior to the week before were pretty similar building check, pulling, shelving typing, ect… Monday of last week I did the usual and worked on organizing the maps that we have been getting in. Tue.-Fri. was pretty much the same last friday we had a staff meeting about things that were going on this week and next week. Today I did the building check, was at the research desk I worked on a list of trying to find contact info for authors to come and speak at an event we are having in May. I had a researcher which I had to sign up. I did some pulling for an event were having featuring Hemingway books. I also shelved some books and did some typing, tying and filing. Sometime last week I was also on the lookout for which movie theater global has the rights to the new Great Gatsby movie since we have a large Fitzgerald collection we are putting together some sort of outing to see the film. I also addressed mailers to send out about the Dickey event and a Dinner we are having.


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