Journey to becoming an Archivist/Preservationist

Been a while

Well its been a few days past a month since I’ve done an update. Grad school had me completely overwhelmed. Most of my work has been pretty much the daily duties, but I have also done a few other things. I put together a case for an exhibit, I worked on transferring books from another department into our collection, I’ve been doing some catalogue editing and getting prints made for an even that we had tonight.

On another note I will be doing an internship over the summer in Digital Collections. I’m pretty excited about the work I will be doing there and will try to post some of the stuff that I am working on.

Moving on to another subject I was in the mall the other day running a quick errand and I was approached by a librarian who was giving out books for national book day. It was great to see that type of promotion out at the local mall! In other news I came across an article on linkedin that I found to be enjoyable so I thought I would share: Saving Carnegie Hall


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