Journey to becoming an Archivist/Preservationist


Well this last week has been quite a world wind finals week has been this past week and I’ve had tons of papers to write. Luckily I just have one more to finish writing and then its just editing and tomorrow marks the end of the semester for me! On top of school and work I have also been looking at jobs to apply for which has been a bit scary having to look into the real world.

As for now I will get back to the goingons in my workdays. The Friday from my last post was spent doing routine tasks and finishing off my collection transfer as well as one of my catalogue editing tasks. In our organization because we host so many events and our director is in charge of the building we have a little saying that is a joke about other duties as assigned.  These typically range from preparing tables and food displays and picking up flowers or resetting a room. My other duty for friday happened to be helping out our oral historian at the school archive. She was unable to get a babysitter for her daughter. Since I have a niece and young nephews I was asked if I would be willing to help and watch the little girl.  Myself along with a few of the other workers all enjoyed ourselves sitting in one of the classrooms with the little girl drawing and streaming sponge bob square pants from netflix onto my phone (ahh technology). When the event was over her mother asked her if she was ready to leave and she was having so much fun with us she said she wanted to stay longer :). Unfortunately we had to clean up after the event so we had to say goodbye to the little girl. This past week involved mostly shelving seeing as it is the end of the semester we have been taking the books off our hold shelves and putting them away.  One of the copies I had made the prior week turned out so well that the director decided she wanted a copy and is going to frame it and keep it in her office.  The other print was given as a gift to one of our donors.  Needless to say getting the reprint was one of my tasks. I did a little bit of other tasks as well I framed some certificates, made photocopies and put together presentation folders.  I ended the week working on some four folds.

As I did in my last post I have a link to share as one of the largest collections of F. Scott Fitzgerald materials we had our digital collections department digitize Fitzgeralds ledger 


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