Journey to becoming an Archivist/Preservationist


Well I am finally done with my spring semester and I have one more to go until graduation.  I am excited and nervous at the same time.  Mostly nervous from the standpoint of having to apply for jobs. I’ve also will have completed my degree in a 12 month and 6 weeks as apposed to the 24 months that it typically takes.  So why is this making me nervous? For one I haven’t had a ton of experience I’ve only worked in archive over the summer, I worked in a library for one year and I will be doing a summer internship and that leaves me with little experience and needing a job that requires 1-3 years minimum experience and I’m not sure how I am going to get that.

My other concern is will my MLIS completion show as a hard and fast worker like I am or will it show that I raced through it? I have a near perfect GPA and I’ve had rave reviews from my professors but I’m not sure if my completion wil account for anything.

My last anxiety at the moment is 3 references, while I’ve been at the school for 5 years now (BA and MLIS) I don’t really have a lot of networks school is difficult for me and balancing a job and school has been hard enough I haven’t had the time I need to network. I know I will ask my current employeer for sure and I can’t imagine she would say no. I will eventually ask my internship advisor but seeing as I need to start applying for jobs now and I haven’t done my internship yet I can’t ask her now. My other thoughts have been my advisor while she doesn’t know me on a personal level (my degree has been all online due to the course track I have taken) she has worked with me as my advisor, she knows what I want to do professionally and she has been my professor for all of my archival/preservation and records management course work. My last reference is my one of my professors while I have an academic reference already with my advisor my professor knew me as an undergrad where I had an in-person class with him.  He also wrote a recommendation for me for my graduate school application and he knows me personally so I feel he may be a good fit for my third spot until I can ask my internship supervisor?

Now going on to my work week I have been pretty busy done the usual at the reference desk. I did have a researcher today someone for the political collections, I edited and added to a list of researchers I wrote up we are collecting data on the purpose of our facility i.e. researching for books, thesis/dissertations, fellowship, students ect… I also got to switch out some material from our Gatsby display I added some items from the Gatsby Ballet to replace what I took out. I made a folder for one of our guests we like to give our guests and visitors information about our facility so I use one of our professional folders and fill it with our newsletter, brochures (two on the library, one on the political collections, and one on membership) and the business card of our director and outreach librarian. The rest of my time I spent shelving for the past two days and today I organized call slips and did some four-folds.


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