Journey to becoming an Archivist/Preservationist

Busy Week

Like I mentioned for last week this week was pretty busy. We had tons of shelving to do, my regular reference desk work, we had a researcher in all week during my shift, I also put together some folders for our guests, I did some typing, four-folds, copies, spent some time in our old rare stacks organizing things and set up the room for our events.  We had a bunch of events going on this week. I only participated in two of them the first one was an event for a local political cartoonist whose collection was just acquired. I met the archivist for the collection but he was pretty busy meeting and greeting people we had a good turn out and good food. We also have an event tonight and it is a fancy event so I had to try on some outfits to see what would be appropriate and keeping in mind that I will most likely be assisting guests at the handcap entrance so I will be outside in the lovely 90 degree weather we are having right now. I decided on a black layered skirt with pink and red printed flowers and a solid black fancy top with black sequenced flats I wore this outfit to the presidents house (president of the university not white house 🙂 ) when I graduated with my undergraduate degree so I felt it would be appropriate for tonight.

The rest of the week I have been pretty busy looking at jobs and doing research on resumes, cover letters, professional websites, business cards, interviews and other things related to job searching I have begun one job application and am working on creating a cover letter for the next job.


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