Journey to becoming an Archivist/Preservationist

Vacation Time

This past monday and this coming friday I have taken off for a small vacation before my summer class and internship begin.

I was told when I came back on tue. that I wasn’t allowed to take any more vacation days because they needed me too much I was also told they didn’t know what to do with out me :). One of the great aspects at this job is that I always feel appreciated and am thanked for my work an effort that I put into everything. Right now things have slowed down a bit so on Tue. I did my desk shift and I have been working on a 100 page (so far the entire list has not been printed) that someone wants to gift to our library since we have a substantive children’s book collection. At first we didn’t think we would be accepting much of the material because we have a very large collection however in working on the list I discovered that many of the titles belong to our university library which we borrow from and not from our own. Since this is a gift we will be accepting majority of the books that are being offered.

Today I did my desk shift and worked on the children’s book list but I also spent a few hours shelving and typing we had a few carts that had been in the stacks for a few day and with only no other student workers at the moment it is up to my self and our stacks manager to get the materials put away but we both have many other responsibilities as well. As I mentioned we do not have any other student workers however we will be getting a new worker in the beginning of the summer semester which will help us out a lot!


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