Journey to becoming an Archivist/Preservationist

Last full week

Well this is my last full week of work and my internship before moving to Virginia.

In RBSC I’ve had some small projects last Friday I worked on an invoice for one of our donors and today I matched the records numbers from the invoice in millennium. I also worked on a rather long book list which I’m not yet finished with.

On Friday for DC I finally finished loading into content DM and my yearbook is all done turns out that we don’t load the yearbooks that the Carolinana does ( the school archive). The website for the gov docs project is on hold because the other person that has the other half of the project is not finished with her part yet so I will not be contributing to the webpage but I already have created a webpage before so I’m not to concerned about that. I did finally start working in AT. I began a finding aid last Friday and will continue it today and hopefully get a few done I basically have all the data and am just transporting it into AT its been pretty strait forward so far. For the rest of my internship I will just be working in AT importing and creating finding aids.

No news on the job front but I have been applying to more places so hopefully something will happen soon. I also had to create my first CV yesterday I spent majority of my day working on that and an hour or two on a cover letter. I will try to post at the end of the week and on my last half week I may not post until the end o the week with moving and all but I will update when I can!


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