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Slim Pickings

It has been quite a while since I have posted anything! I finished my internship and work and am now currently living in Leesburg, Va. Shortly after moving I went back for graduation yay! Since I have moved I have been a bit more focused on seeing friends and family and enjoying the stress free life of no school or work. Although the no money part is a drag. I have still been applying to jobs but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of new jobs being posted as of lately. I have checked on a few jobs that I applied for and I haven’t heard anything back from them but my applications show as being reviewed so hopefully they are and I am being considered. Only one place that I have applied has not responded to my application in letting me know that they weren’t going to hire me which is annoying. I did get an offer for an interview but the job was back in SC and I informed the person that I would love to talk about the job but explained that I would have to move back in order to take the job and I haven’t heard anything since then so I’m thinking they are no longer interested in me 😦 . As it turns out I had forgotten to update one of my posted resumes. I suppose a person can only remember so much.


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