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Well it’s been almost a month now since my last post. I’ve readjusted nicely to moving back to Virginia and have been applying to many jobs. I had a phone interview last week and was told I would be contacted by the local office sometime this week. I haven’t heard anything just yet but I have my fingers crossed that I get contacted. The phone interview was pretty interesting. I had never done one before and it turns out I over prepared (most likely in just this particular case). The interview itself lasted 7 minutes and the interviewer did about 90% of the talking she went over what the job entailed, pay, and I asked about the hours. She asked me about my last two positions listed on my resume and left it at that I would be contacted by the local office but she gave me a good feeling that I meet their requirements. She mentioned that they already new what they were looking for and that’s why the interview was so short, she apologized for the shortness but she said everything sounded good to her!

The next couple of blogs that I am going to be doing will be a list of resources that I have found helpful during my job search and interview information. There is so much information out there that to me it becomes pretty difficult to figure out what is helpful and what is not. I will also try posting information on jobs and other tips when I get then chance.

If there is anything you would like to see on the blog let me know in the comments!


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