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As usual I’ve been pretty busy lately. I just wanted to give a quick update on my job status thus far after the phone interview I was contacted about a week and a half later from the local office and had a meeting with a hiring manager and the librarian for the company. The hiring manager has been at the company since the beginning and I found out that they do not have a current archiving system. There will be a team of “archivists” some coming from my type of background and some from other backgrounds but the job sounds fun and interesting. Its a new type of media and it sound exciting to be working on the creation of the archive although I am sure there may be some bumps along the road it should be a great experience! I feel the meeting went well and that I have a good shot at getting one of the positions. I have been informed that I have moved on in the process and I filled out an application for the company. I just recently was requested to fill out forms for a background check and have been contacted by the company that is administering the background check and had to sign release forms so it seems promising, but I still have my fingers crossed that I get a position.

Going back to what I stated last time I want to give information and resource to people going through the job hunt or for those that are not there yet but will be.  The most important thing I can stress to any student pursing any type of Master’s degree is that it is never too early to look for jobs. Even if all you are doing is reading job postings its a great place to start to shape your class schedules or figure out where you want to focus. For MLIS students or related fields it can help you to figure out your setting: archives, preservation, library, museum, corporate, government, academic? Searching job postings is a great resource!

So where do you find these job postings? The easiest place to find them is through your school or program. There are career centers and listserves to join, but don’t just stop at your school almost all schools offer job listserves so join there’s too. The fact of the matter is that it would be great to find a job where you live but what we all have to face is that the job or experience that you want or need may not be in your back yard. For me the job that I am hoping to get is about an hour’s commute with no delays or an hour and a half with delays. It’s pretty ideal for me but I went in to my job search fully aware that I may not get a job in my surrounding areas. For me I’m a military brat so moving for a job isn’t as scary to think about as it could be for others. I know plenty of people from my program that will take whatever they can get just so they don’t have to leave the area. But look at this as an opportunity to see the world or experience a new way of life. Maybe you have always lived on the east coast and you want to look for a job on the west coast or you have always lived in the south and want to move down north. The best thing I can say is explore your options and don’t give up an opportunity for the ideal job because of it’s location.

Now with that being said there are lots of things to consider when it comes to when moving. My suggestions are that the first few applications you fill out you typically don’t get those jobs. I have yet to hear of one person who applied for their first job and got it right away. I’m not saying that it couldn’t happen but most of us aren’t too familiar with application processes and we tend to make mistakes on the first few. Therefore they are more like practice applications and you will get better over time, however always make sure you proof read!!!! As a graduate student you should always know to proof read, but make sure you read before you submit. Applications can be very daunting especially when you have a looming deadline and you just want to submit it as soon as your done, but make sure you read over your information and that everything makes sense!

I’m going to end here for now and include some links to some good job posting listserves and websites.

F.Y.I. The links that I include are mostly geared towards archives and preservation but some are more generic.

University of South Carolina’s SLIS Job Listserve  

ALA Jobs

San Jose State University SLIS Career Resources

University of South Carolina SLIS Career Resources


I Need A Library Job

Get Archivist Jobs

Librarian Jobs

Government Jobs

H-Net Jobs

Internet Library 


I’m going to leave it off here because I don’t want it to be too overwhelming there are a bunch more sites that I will include later. For now I’m going to leave you with an interesting article from the ALA Direct Newsletter it’s a compilation of archivists that are correctly portrayed in movies i.e. not as librarians or other professions you can read it here. Enjoy and let me know in the comments section if there is anything in particular you want resources on or information about or topics of discussion!


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2 thoughts on “Updating

  1. Thank you for stating that it is never too early to look for work. This is the type of advice that is needed out there! Good Luck on your job hunt!

  2. Glad you agree. Thanks Gregory!

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