Journey to becoming an Archivist/Preservationist

Happy Holidays

Thanksgiving has now passed and I have been at my new job for a full month now. Happy Belated thanksgiving to everyone I hope you all had a wonderful time. I had thanksgiving with my parents, brother and sister-in-law, aunt, uncle, and cousins. We had a pretty full house and I enjoyed a semi vegetarian thanksgiving (we had a turkey for all us meat eaters).

Back to the job the work is pretty strait forward but takes a while to catch up on and to listen to some of the audio to create metadata for. The workplace is pretty laid back but professional and there is free coffee, tea and soda for all employees. We also have a chef that owns a restaurant in DC which is only open for dinner and he comes and cooks breakfast and lunch for us and we get half off the food! So far all my meals have been pretty good the only thing I haven’t liked was the chicken noodle soup it was a little watery for my taste.

I have been searching for a second part time job in the area. So far there hasn’t been too much luck. I’ve also been looking for a full time position but I am a pretty loyal employee so only if the job paid more and would be a better fit would I leave my current position. So far there are 3 of us. Eventually there will be six. One of the other girls comes for the same educational background as me but her concentration is in special collections. The other one is fresh out of her B.A and had worked in a music library but is a bit more interested in the musical side than the archiving side of things. That is all for now happy holidays everyone!


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