Journey to becoming an Archivist/Preservationist


It has been about a week since my last blog and I feel that blogging at least once a week should be sufficient unless there is a lot going on. Last saturday I went to the Phillips Museum! I had signed up to go to a DCLA event that was open for the Newseum, but I was wait listed and there were no seats available. Instead I went to the Van Gogh exhibit it was on repetitions. I liked the museum and I joined to become a member but I am going to have to try and go to the museum itself on a weekday when hopefully it won’t be too crowded. I of course waited till the day before the end of the exhibit so it was packed, but I got to see most of what I wanted too. Most of the more famous Van Gogh paintings were not featured at this exhibit. I do look forward to going back and exploring the rest of the museum. I saw most of it but due to the crowds it was difficult to see everything. Next week I plan to go to the Newseum for the Beatles event which should be good!

As promised last time here is the link to my article from INALJ. Also if you are a fan of the website make sure that you stop by and give a donation! Everything has been going good so far at INLAJ WV. We surpassed our most jobs per week this week with a total of 37 new jobs posted! I can only hope that we can keep near or above this statistic. The week prior was our lowest week ever with only 6 new jobs.

Professionally for me I have made it my goal to be more active in the professional Library and Archive world. I did an interview with SNAP the Student and New Archives Professionals Roundtable for the Society of American Archivists. That will appear next month and I will put a link out for that as well. At my job things have been going well. We have added two new members to our archiving team and they have been doing well so far. We will soon be doing some digestion to get the audio files from the CD’s on to the Computers and into the OnDemand cloud. I’m unsure of what the procedure will be for backing up the files but that may have already been done by producers prior to burning the files onto the CD’s.

As for the blog I’ve spent a lot of time pinning stuff onto the pintrest page and made some new boards. I have been tweeting a lot from our twitter page and I changed the background of the page.  I also added some new resources for the CV page of the site and I will be adding more to the other pages in the next few weeks. I’m also still applying to jobs and revamping my Resume and Cover Letters so I appreciate your patients as it takes me a while to update.


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