Journey to becoming an Archivist/Preservationist


Well I haven’t been doing a very good job of updating once a week like I had been planning on, but I will try to get better! I’ve been spending most of my time working, applying for jobs and hanging out with my friends.

As I mentioned previously I am a head editor for INALJ currently I am on the West Virginia page, but as of Monday I will be switching over to the Maryland page. I had wanted D.C., Maryland or Virginia previously, but they were already taken. So when the spot opened for MD I jumped on it :).

Slightly off topic but somewhat related at ALA this past conference there was an article that was run by slate about Librarians and what they look like, basically a breaking the mold kind of story. This morning I was intrigued by a question on twitter that was posted by a tweeter and retweeted on my twitter feed by @followanarchive that was in reference to an article at the Huffington Post about tattooed librarians. The question asked if there are tattooed archivists, having a tattoo myself I responded to the tweet and I have now been asked and retweeted by a few people to take a Shelfie of my tattoo! I will try to do this although it may be difficult its winter and my tattoo is on my ankle so the positioning of the shelfie may be difficult but I should be able to get it by just having the tattoo and shelf in the picture . I’ll update more in that as it progresses. However I’m interested in if any of my fellow archivists have tattoo so feel free to comment here on the blog or send me a tweet @archpresj!


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