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Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day everyone or 3/14 if you prefer! So far I have not been able to land that second part time job I’ve been looking for. I have officially received a rejection from almost everywhere that I have applied and those that I haven’t I applied to months ago and I assume it is safe to say that I will not get an interview for those positions. Well that can be depressing I am trying to look at the bright side and remember that most of those were positions that I was really just applying to because I wanted a second job and not because I was excited about the job itself. I will still be looking for that second job but I have been keeping myself quite busy.

Moving on I have now take over the HE position for Maryland at INALJ and given over the WV page. I wanted a bigger state to work on and so far I can say I have been successful! I posted 100 jobs this week which is way more than I have ever posted before. I also particpated in INALJ’s first #inaljchat on twitter which was really fun! I’m signed up as a moderator in April. I will update when it gets closer as to the exact date and the topic. We do the #inaljchat every monday for right now so feel free to participate in the chat we’d love to have you. Also if you are interested in being a HE or having a volunteer position at INALJ come join us we are looking for a few new people to fill up some spots! You can go to INALJ or just ask me here and I’ll direct you as to how to go about the process.

I will also be attending my first professional conference with one of my co-workers. We will be going to the MARAC conference in Rochester, NY. I’m excited about this opportunity and to meet some other people in the profession!


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