Journey to becoming an Archivist/Preservationist

New Management and Meet-up

This week started new management in my job. My archive team is now under the director for the music librarian! We had a group minus one person meeting on Monday and it went great. All our concerns about standards, computers, long range ect… were addressed and will continue to be. We are going to having weekly meetings in the beginning which considering we have been on our own for months this is great for us and everyone will get to be on the same page. It’s a bit difficult considering our team of 5 have varying schedules, but we do overlap a bit on Wednesday which is part of the commuter problems we don’t have enough desks on the same floor (we do now!). I think going from here on out things will really go great. Myself along with one other person we both have our MLIS’ and one is a MLIS student and the other two are not Library related so it’s really helpful to have meetings and make sure everyone’s work is somewhat similar our shows are all different, but we can have certain standards and controlled vocabulary the same.  In other news….

With INALJ I am going to be taking over a new position! I’m moving up from a volunteer coordinator…more on that when the official announcement comes out. I am also co-hosting the INALJ DMV Meet-up, which is for anyone living in the DC, MD, VA areas to come to DC in January and meet up and network with other information professionals I will post another blog with the invite and information on that. Please come if you are in the are we have had 3 already in other areas and so far they have gone splendid, I and my co-host have put a lot of work into this and I would love to have a meet-up maybe twice a year if this one goes well. People love meet us inaljers at conferences so we know there’s a fan base! Let your friends, co-workers and peers know about the event.


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